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Probiotics for poultry

Gut health is of paramount importance for the production of antibiotic-free (ABF) poultry
In order to stop the alarming rise of resistance to these molecules promoting the use of alternative methods such as probiotics is of interest when it comes to maintaining animal welfare and health.

BVD Vaccine

Aquilón is developing a novel vaccine applying the technology of virus particles (Virus Like Particles or VLP) to a vaccine for the protection against one of the most important infectious diseases of cattle, which is responsible for major economic losses in the dairy industry.

Diagnosis of brucellosis

Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease, which is endemic in most parts of the world. Brucella bacteria infect domestic animals and adversely affect livestock production and international trade of animals and their products. It can also cause disease in humans.

Protection of pigs from swine dysentery by vaccination

Pig dysentery is a disease of global importance that leads to large losses in pig production. Today, treatment of the disease involves the use of antibiotics in a race against the development of resistance to new emerging strains.


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